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Looking for some Christmas entertainment this year? Want something that will truly get your guests into the Christmas Spirit? The Silver Ghosts are the guys for the job!

Whether you're having a corporate company party, a seasonal celebration for your friends and family, or perhaps you want our The Silver Ghosts to turn on your local Christmas lights… The swing orchestra are up for anything and everything with a Christmas theme.

But that's not all.. in addition to the swing orchestra,
we can organize..

  • Caberet dance troupe
  • Swing dance class
  • Partner swing dance couples
  • 78s swing DJs
  • Cocktail piano player
  • Pop-up vintage hair-dresser
    Additional Services details below...
  • Don’t just take our word for it, see some of the glowing testimonials received from past clients.

    Common questions

    “Do you play music our guests will want to dance to?”

    YES!   Our speciality is upbeat, dancable swing music from the 1920s - 40s. The mix in our repertoire always raises smiles and fills the dance floor with quirky obscurities as well as familiar jazz-age classics. We include a some lively Christmas numbers from the period.. not the usual xmas playlist that you'll be hearing everywhere else all the time.. but lesser known, unusual numbers to give the performance its fun, original and quirky edge. When played alongside our regular numbers, your guests will love the elegance, energy and novel entertainment of the 1930s swing band.

    “What size band should I have for my party?”

    The ensemble are also able to pare down to 5 or up to an 8 piece. By far the most popular line-up is the 7 piece swing dance orchestra - this line-up gets asked to perform again and again at places like The Albert Hall and St. Martin-in-the-Fields. That's because much of the repetoire has been arranged for the 7 performers to most authentically evoke the high spirited juke-joint and high class parties of the jazz age. The 7 piece comprises of vocals, double bass, drums, banjo', trumpet, clarinet and trombone.

    Mirrorball effect“Does the band have any lighting?”

    A pin spot stage light directed at a table mounted 8" rotating mirrorball is a very simple but effective system that the outfit often employ. The classic ambience is in character with the period performance, and also has a modern dance floor flavour. It would be provided at no extra cost and may negate the expense of lighting hire elsewhere.

    Our service Includes:

    • Set up of PA equipment, mics and drum kit up to 1 hour in advance of 1st set start.*
    • A PA for up to 200 people, mics, stands, mixer etc. All that is required is a couple of power points.
    • Swing orchestra suited and booted in smart/glamorous period style atire, and if there is space, likely some swing dancing as part of the performance as well.

    • A playlist of suitably period upbeat swing recordings between the live sets.

    • But that's not all.. optional 1st class services (below).

    *Earlier setup can be arranged, might/might not be possible Monday-Friday

    What's required

    • A couple of power points near where the outfit would be performing.
      It is possible for some versions of the line-up to perform acoustically, depending on the venue. For instance, this may be necessary if you would like the outfit to perform at your ceremony.

    • Parking arrangements for 2-3 cars depending on line-up
    • If possible, it is normally a good idea to have a space or room where the performers can stay out of view of your guests when not performing.

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    Additional First Class Services

    If you are looking for more features for your function or additional entertainment ideas, the following services can also be arranged as part of the entertainment package.

    • Cabaret dance troupe;

    Glamorous all female dancers performing choreographed period routines (Charleston/tap dance etc) between our sets with costume changes +meet & greet +Charleston dance lesson.

    • Swing Dance Class

    Swing dance class before the live performance from a professional swing dance teacher. Dance learners 'rotate' partners during the class, so everyone is introduced to many people very quickly. It's a great way to break the ice at your event, your guests will love it!

    Vintage DJ
    • 'Twin deck shellac opperators': Collectors and professional DJs of original antique swing dance 78s using period equipment modified for modern speakers.

    • Post performance and pre performance party DJs, mix from vintage 1920s-40s swing seamlessly through electro swing (whats that?), to contemporary party music (from laptop).

    • 'Pop up' vintage hair dresser - mini styling which can range 15-30 minutes per person for quick hair or makeup.
    • Piano player
    Jon, resident piano player at Claridge's

    Trombonist Jon is
    also resident pianist
    at Claridge's

    A background piano player can be arranged as an addition to the performance. The outfit works with Jazz standard piano players that are resident at top London hotels like Claridge's and Simpsons-in-the-Strand.

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